Planning your move

Yes, removals quotes are free for those residing in the metropolitan area of Australia’s major cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth) and you are under no obligation. All quotes are provided in writing.

If you do not reside in one of the above metropolitan areas, please contact New Wave International Movers directly to discuss.

There is no minimum or maximum lead-time required to schedule your move.

However it is preferable that you contact us at least four weeks in advance for a move to Japan.

Our Japanese agent, Yamato Global Logistics, has over 60 branch offices across Japan.

This means that a move can be arranged to anywhere in Japan.


Preparing for your move

A quote for a move can include a complete or partial packing service, or no packing service, allowing you to choose the best option for you.

We are happy to personalise our moving services to meet your needs.

We are happy to provide all cartons as part of your move costs.

If cartons are not included in your initial quote, we can provide cartons later at an additional cost.

Yes, but in limited circumstances.

Many of our customers reuse cartons that were previously used in their move to Australia and are still in excellent condition.

However, we would discourage the use of other types of boxes or cartons.

Yes. There are many different cartons used in a move and this varies according to the item/s being packed.

New Wave International Movers can provide cartons in accordance with the items you wish to move and during the move preparation we will provide advice on the appropriate-sized cartons for your move.

Items that cannot be moved generally raise safety and/or security concerns.

They include radioactive material, explosives, flammable gases and liquids, oxidising substances, corrosive substances, poisonous and toxic substances and firearms.

These restrictions apply to items packed by you or New Wave International Movers.

If unsure, please contact us directly.

During your move


We strongly recommend that you be present in order to provide instructions on how you wish the goods to be handled and to answer any questions relating to your move.

We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover your move.

We can arrange removals insurance for an additional charge, and also facilitate a claim for damage to goods under this policy. It is your responsibility to read the Product Disclosure Statement for your insurance policy and understand any conditions or limitations that may apply.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with claims that are covered by an insurance policy taken out independent of New Wave International Movers.

We advise you to contact the New Wave International Movers staff member who liaised with you during your move, as soon as possible.

Please take photos of the damaged item and keep it for inspection and claim processing, which can be facilitated for insurance taken out by New Wave International Movers.

We accept cash, bank transfer or credit card payment (Visa or MasterCard).

Please note that there is a service charge for credit card transactions.

Payment terms are seven days from the date of the move and/or pickup of the goods.


New Wave International Movers can arrange the storage of your goods for any time frame, short or long.

Based on your period of storage, an invoice is generated quarterly, or if the storage period is less, then for the period of the storage.

In addition to radioactive material, explosives, flammable gases and liquids, oxidising substances, corrosive substances, poisonous and toxic substances and firearms, plants and any open food are not suitable for storage.

It is also advisable not to store valuables such as jewellery or legal documents, or any items not covered by insurance.