Moving tips

Moving to Japan is very exciting, but there can be lots of challenges to overcome.

It is a country of bustling cities, serene countryside, fascinating travel destinations, delicious food and a long history embedded with unique customs and culture.

There is something of interest for everyone that moves to Japan. Some early planning and accurate up-to-date information can make the task of moving much simpler and less stressful.

A good place to start is the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website booklet Guide to Living in Japan. The booklet covers topics such as housing, medical care, health insurance, employment and commonly used Japanese words and phrases.

Before your departure to Japan, we recommend consideration of the following:

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  1. Accommodation – short and long term
  2. Customs and quarantine regulations
  3. Healthcare
  4. Japanese language
  5. Medicines
  6. Mobile phones and internet access
  7. Money and Finance
  8. Business visa requirements

Moving Checklist

moves from Australia to Japan

  • Contact New Wave International Movers for a free consultation about your move to Japan and an obligation free quote
  • Book moving date with New Wave International Movers
  • Approve moving plan, including the number of cartons required
  • Check passports and visas are current for all family members and renew or re-apply as required
  • Obtain the necessary work permits
  • Book flights

  • Arrange the necessary travel (including medical) and shipping insurances
  • Put in place arrangements for your home or notify your rental agent that you are vacating
  • Notify your doctor and obtain medical records you might need in the event of illness in Japan
  • For regular prescription medication, obtain the necessary certifications from your prescribing doctor and obtain eye prescription from your optometrist, if required
  • Advise the bank of your change of address along with credit card companies, if separate to your bank
  • Notify service providers for gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet and other services of date to cancel and provide a forwarding address
  • Cancel any memberships
  • Redirect mail
  • For pets, make sure you have the necessary health certificates from the vet and vaccinations up to date
  • Cancel all regular deliveries, such as newspapers or milk
  • Determine which items you will take, put in storage or dispose of
  • From the items you will take, decide which will be shipped or air freighted
  • Dispose of all items you are not taking
  • Advise New Wave of your forwarding address for shipped and/or air freighted items as soon as you know.

Additional considerations (if applicable)

  • Airport transfers
  • Cars – sell or ship
  • International drivers license
  • Luggage allowance
  • Ongoing insurance premiums
  • Personal documents to take with you, for example birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational qualifications
  • Schools
  • Taxation obligations during absence.